Dakota Goyo Talks About “Real Steel!” He Taught Me How to Robot Dance!

Uploaded on Wednesday 5 October 2011


I have much respect for Dakota Goyo! Truth be told, the child actor stole “Real Steel” from Hugh Jackman and he is one of the main reasons I’m recommending the movie 100%! He has been working virtually all of his life, yet, Dakota remains grounded, but he truly loves what he does! And he goes to a regular school and he says he doesn’t bring this “acting stuff” with him back home. Smart kid!

In the movie, Dakota plays Max, Jackman’s character’s estranged son. He awakens the fighting spirit of his wayward father. Dakota reminds me of a young Ricky Schroder from “The Champ.” And sure enough, there’s a scene in “Real Steel” where his character chants “champ, champ, champ” and I was in tears.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** His interest in the character Max
*** The audition process – he auditioned 4 times!
*** Bonding with Hugh Jackman
*** The biggest challenge as an actor in “Real Steel”
*** The “Real Steel” Robots!
*** Who is his favorite bot?
*** Atom, the magical bot!
*** The dancing scenes between Max and Atom
*** Dakota is really proud of this movie!
*** Will his friends watch “Real Steel?”
*** And then he teaches me the robot dance he and Atom performed in the movie!



Language: English

Length: 5:00

Country: United States