Uploaded on Tuesday 26 November 2013


What would you do if your country turned off all digital communication?

The fear of technology has always been with us as long as technology has existed. What if I'm shocked to death by this new electric light bulb of Edison's? What if robots become intelligent? What if technology turns on us one day? Many films have come into being to answer such questions. Florida filmmaker Fred Rabbath asks a slightly different question: How would we live without technology?

Mikey: Owen Provencher
Lori: Laura W. Johnson
B: Brittany Elliot
Kathy: Molly Smith
Teenager Girl: Carlie Nettles
News Director: Tim Nettles
Anchor: Frank Ranicky
Female Anchor: Liza Park

Cinematographer: F.C. Rabbath
Editor: F.C. Rabbath
Boom Operator: Devon Bailey
Assistant Director: Devon Bailey
Music: The Sophomore Attempt
Music: Morgan Sorne
Music: Sean Beeson


Language: English

Length: 30:01

Country: United States