Drag ME !

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


Dress As A Girl
The excess is their measure. High heels, wigs and lame ... These ladies are busy in dressing room and we open the doors to tell. What is a "drag"? A queen, first of all. Exaggerates the night trais like behavior. A message? Freedom in action under the neon lights and fluorescent ceiling moist. Ended snapshot of crazy dressed as girls. Exit the room "Michou". The artistic approach remains the engine that fueled their passion for dressing up, through and through. Restreins podiums yet to gay nights and cabarets boards, the boys know, in their pastel fars and intend to continue to combine work and pleasure in expressing their personality extravagant. The ideal woman takes a hit, it's on. But it's so great to be just what you want.

achievement /
Robin Anthony, Alexandre Attal, Kevin Joseph Peter Gay & Secondi.

translation /
Arthur Soria.

thanks /
The Z club.


Language: French

Length: 6min

Country: France

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