Drop Off Movie Preview

Uploaded on Thursday 9 September 2010


A drug lord battles to extricate himself from the powerful addiction of the drug trade.

WILLIAM BAILEY’s business centers around one key element – a successful “drop off.” The final drop off is to come when he promises his son “one last drop and an escape to freedom.” Unfortunately, when William’s son discovers that the deal is a set up and attempts to warn his father the boy pays with his life. This renders William a man possessed, possessed by the most powerful force any father can face - the drive to avenge the death of his only son.

Now, William is the caretaker of an ocean front park – the perfect location to run his drug business and set the stage for his revenge against the cartel. However, just when William’s purpose has never seemed clearer, fate deals him another card. A young man named JOSEPH enters his life. This summer student possesses uncanny similarities to his own son, and William’s anguished mission is no longer crystal clear.

Where William once sought only to avenge the death of his son, he now seeks a more karmic vengeance. William wrestles imploding and exploding emotions as he struggles to save Joseph from the lure of the “drop off” and the vice-like grip of the drug world.

As William battles for survival and to differentiate friend from foe all is not as it would seem. His most obvious and formidable rivals are the “French Gang.” This group of brothers, led by JACQUES and ANDRE sense William’s weakness and construct plans to extinguish his domination of the island’s drug business.

KATHY, an undercover cop, enters William’s world with a defined purpose. However, as she and William become closer she discovers a man far more complex and compelling than the hardened drug lord she imagined.

William’s own gang members, recognizing his altered focus become scared and are forced to choose between loyalty and betrayal, survival or extinction. As the gang feels ever more threatened each member must choose his own course of action.

William is a man of passion – driven and tormented by his past and that which makes us all human – his heart. William’s ultimate quest for justice and inner journey define DROP OFF as a rare hybrid – an action piece with emotion.

Enter a new era of land barons and experience a world dominated by fields of marijuana, raiders, undercover cops, gang rebellion, betrayal and revenge - a world where each “drop off” is the hit that heightens the addiction.

Full movie is in pre-production seeking further financing in 10 million budget range.


Language: English

Length: 14:00

Country: Canada

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