Egon & Donci

Uploaded on Tuesday 9 November 2010


The heroes of our film live on an idyllic, little planet in a neighbouring solar system. Egon is an ever so slightly eccentric, amateur ‘rocket scientist’ assisted in his endeavours by a clumsy, and decidedly overfed, catlike creature called Dönci. Their simple existence becomes suddenly complicated when an unidentified object flies into their lives (Voyager-3) with a message from Earth. Egon decides that there is only one thing to do and that is to establish contact with this distant civilisation….
The fundamental and unavailable philosophy of this animated adventure is a singularly simple one: the complete and total avoidance of aggression in any form whatsoever. The loveable characters at the centre of events never knowingly harm another living being. Although they often get battered and bruised, it is only as a result of their own hapless antics. Egon and Dönci never speak on screen and so all communication that takes place between them is achieved by a series of childish mimes and simple sounds.


Language: Hungarian

Length: 75

Country: Hungary