Eric & Melissa

Uploaded on Monday 11 July 2011


I've been home for summer for a little bit. I currently attend the University of Southern California, and even though I'm not a film student there, I do like to make videos. Well I've been getting into writing since being home, so one Sunday I wrote a script based off of an experience I'd had recently that dealt with old high school relationships. I got two people to be in it, one girl I knew and one guy off of a craigslist ad the following Friday, shot it Sunday morning, and had it edited by Monday morning. It literally went from an idea I had one Sunday, to a week later where I had the physical manifestation of that idea. I'm very big on organic and natural approaches to stories, because due to my lack of budget or real equipment the only thing you can really focus on is just conveying something genuine. Just me, two people, my story and one camera.

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Language: English

Length: 9:23

Country: United States

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