Exclusive interview of Zhu Zhu

Uploaded on Friday 10 August 2012


Hello Hollywood interview a Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, who became the center of the spotlight because of the rumor about her and the boss of Juventus. In the interview,she talked about her movie . She also introduces her next three movies which will air in North America this year.

Hello Hollywood独家专访华人新星朱珠。她因为与意大利尤文图斯队老板的绯闻而成为媒体关注的焦点,但是在我们的采访中,我们将让大家看到一个不一样的朱珠。她在采访中介绍了她即将上映的新片《纽约客在上海》。另外她还介绍了她在今年下半年即将上映的三部电影,和她合作的有很多著名好莱坞和中国的大牌明星。


Language: Chinese (simplified)

Country: China

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