Fixing No Display Laptop

Uploaded on Friday 23 October 2015


There are many reasons that a computer does not start up or no display. If your computer will not start or boot, follow this three possible things you can do to fix your laptop. So, we are going to do step by step checkups to fix your laptop.

If you heard the sound of the fan or spinning hard drive and the keyboard is working, but not displayed on the LCD. Try to use an external monitor to check the LCD. If you can see the booth display on the other external screen that means you have a problem with your display screen, you’ll have to replace it with the new one to fix your laptop.

Memory or Ram- memory has 80 % of reason for no display problem even in your normal system unit or laptops. If your ram got dead or dirty your motherboard will never be able to show you the display, until you've clean it or replace it with the new one. At this time I can help you to fix your laptop by watching my video.


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