Flowers at Terrazas de Flores

Uploaded on Friday 11 November 2016


The beauty of flowers are very obvious. Although they don't really fear of anything, they don't worry about anything but instead they only show nothing but beauty.

I am also fascinated by flowers. They are the best subject that I am interested in at this point and whenever I see them, I would definitely love to capture it either via photo or video.

Aside from it giving beauty, it also extends happiness to its audience, at least for me. It always give smile to my face whenever I see a rose blossom or a sunflower showing up its full petals. It is just a good scene to see and that I can't exchange this scene from any other thing at that moment.

This is exactly the same feeling I get to feel when my husband and I were together at the Terrazas de Flores in Busay, Cebu. We were in a paradise indeed, in the center of a place full of local wild flowers, beautifully arranged in terraces which made it the first in the city or province of Cebu.

Enjoy the video above which covers the flowers we both had seen and taken photographs of during our stay in the garden.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Jean Beltran-Figues
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Language: Music

Country: Philippines