For the End of Time

Uploaded on Thursday 1 April 2010


: For the End of Time is a film about the mind…is a film about the body and the inability to merge these two entities which are shaping a form of civilization known under the name of “human” A Human is not a being unto itself. A Human is a construct ..a civilization-related code of a certain precise time and place . A human is not a uniform creature . a human is a split between many things …but the worst is the split carried inside…that between the mind and the body………How can we feel others , if the only universe that an individual truly lives and feels is his or her own universe ? How can you feel for the other …..How can the other feels for you? Only as much as the pain of the other resembles yours – thus as the reminiscence of one`s own pain . This is the only way .
For the End of Time is a film on a quest ..on the eternal longing “ to find the real thing”

Cinema Epoch released For the End of Time on DVD , but with the new name SUPRANOVA as the original title of the screenplay was .


Language: English

Length: 124min

Country: Slovenia