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Uploaded on Friday 23 September 2011


Francesco Rulli talks about Film Annex corporate website.

《Francesco on "Why did you start" #francesco》 is the corporate website for the award winning Online Film and Video Platform, Currently, Film Annex and its network of 300 Web TVs have more than 260,000 registered members, approximately 1,800,000 daily visits, and 13 million videos streaming every day, including award-winning content from international film festivals.
Francesco Rulli is the Founder and President of Film Annex and here he talks about why he decided to start the new Film Annex Corporate Website.

《“为什么开始FilmAnnexCorp.com呢?” #弗朗切斯科(Francesco)》
FilmAnnexCorp.com是专业的在线电影和视频平台-www.FilmAnnex.com的企业网页。目前,Film Annex与其300个网络电视的网络,已拥有超过260,000名的注册会员,每天约有1,800,000的用户访问量,以及每天播放1,300万部的视频流媒体,其中包括了许多屡获国际电影节大奖的影片作品。
弗朗切斯科鲁利(Francesco Rulli)-Film Annex的创始人和总裁,在这里谈及为何他决定开始这个新的Film Annex企业网站。


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