FREE STUFF from Johnsonville: The 8000 foot grill.

Uploaded on Wednesday 8 September 2010


In the summertime, Happy Hour many times coincides with grilling. SO! Allow us to introduce our new friends at Johnsonville Sausage, and their summer grilling contest at Basically, it’s an online video contest where you can submit episodes of your own based on certain themes, and you can win prizes. Let’s see, cash, grilling items, stuff from Gander Mountain, Hefty and others; it’s pretty cool. And here at THHG, we’ve got some Extra Zazz that will allow you guys, our fans, to submit more times and give yourselves more chances to win! Sound cool? We thought so. So here’s our intro the the contest (and a mountain climbing adventure to boot!) Enjoy!


Language: English

Length: 2:27

Country: United States