Full body workout for Surfers and Athletes

Uploaded on Tuesday 27 May 2014


This is a full body workout for anyone who wants a healthy and stronger body.

The video on FilmAnnex has only the instruction on each exercise. To view the full video, please go to SurfMeiMei.com

Circuit Workout Routine x 3 times:

4 exercises - 1 min intervals

1. Compass Lunge Matrix.
2. Surf Squats.
3. Knee to opposite Elbow from Plank.
4. Duck-dive Caterpillar.


1. Compass Lunge Matrix: Forward lunge (north), Reverse Lunge (south), side lunge (east), Curtsy Lunge (west) - repeat for 1 min
1b. Swap legs and repeat.
2. Surf squats: A deep squat - imagine you are trying to fit into a barrel at the bottom of the squat then stand tall and repeat on the other side. Keep it stylish and smooth.
3. Knee to opposite elbow from a plank: Begin in a plank and bring your knee to touch your opposite elbow, alternate sides.
4. Duck-dive Caterpillar: Start in a downward facing dog position and dive down towards the floor scooping your chest forward just above the floor and up into arched position - then press up to a cat stretched plank - repeat. Imagine you are duck-diving deep under a wave.


Language: English

Length: 3:49

Country: United States