GCBC Anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas Party

Uploaded on Tuesday 27 December 2016


Aside from celebrating Christmas at work, at home and with the neighborhood, our local church also had our own Christmas party. But this was not just a simple Christmas Party because that Sunday on a Christmas day was intended for three celebration. As how my movie title explains it - it was composed of Anniversary Celebration, Thanksgiving and also Christmas party at the same time. It was hitting three birds with one stone.

This is the 26th anniversary of the church and so all of the members are really glad about it. Our church had expanded from a few members to quiet a lot of Youths and children too! And I must say, the children were the most active and most joyful that day, laughing here and there during the event and didn't shy away from me taking photos of them.

James had covered videos of the event specially during the first part which was the Sunday service and I had compiled them in one video here. This will be the first part of the sequence since in the next days I will be sharing more video clips of what had transcend in that Christmas Day.

Indeed a joyous event and I can't wait to share the rest of the videos we have taken during that day.


Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines