Gemango People Enjoying Kalanggaman Waters

Uploaded on Friday 28 April 2017


My first summer escapade for 2017 took place at this wonderful sand bar located in the island of Kalanggaman, it is part of the Palompon Leyte's municipality in the Central Visayas.

Few days before the outing, we were actually a bit concerned because the weather was not cooperating but gladly, we got the perfect sunshine on our way to the island and the sun shone brightly that day which made this video possible with natural light and all.

I had posted before the video which we had compiled together with my husband who was testing his camera at kalanggaman. Here's the full video:

Then this new video will cover the clips I had taken using the GoPro Hero 4 Silver which includes all underwater and swimming clips. I love these clips because of my colleagues which really shows they were having fun with the waters of Kalanggaman.

Indeed it was a fun adventure and I hope that we will come up with more outings in the future together with my friends and colleagues.

Hope you'll enjoy the film too! Have fun!

Jean Beltran-Figues
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