Girl Shaped Love Drug

Uploaded on Tuesday 29 January 2013


Boy meet girl tales like this have long been a go-to realm, but when executed with as much charm as Girl Shaped Love Drug they have the power to spread unexpected grins on faces. There are lots of grins to be had here, along with a little squirming when other characters episodically interrupt the slow-blooming romance. Sacha Dhawan is ‘him’, a dreamer with a metaphysical presence, similar to the angels of Wings of Desire. Occasionally, his spiritual ruminations threaten to break the realism, but the careful script has enough restraint to rein back, just in time. Rachel Austin is ‘her’, a Mancunian lass with a Mancunian heart, a beautiful off-set to this mysterious man.


Language: English

Length: 1:06

Country: United Kingdom