Uploaded on Tuesday 29 October 2013


"Losing everything, gives a new beginning."

Green Grass is a Chilean / Japanese coproduction in development, born from the necessity to communicate beyond the spoken words or some specific language. The story is presented from the point of view of learning and improvement, establishing the path of a “warrior” who must accept his destiny and face a final test before returning as a better human being to his point of origin.
The film shows a realistic world in which we can recognize customs, places and way of life that people use to live daily in the portrayed cities (Puerto Montt-Tokyo). Within this world, there are small breaks through “magical realism” that influence the life of the protagonist (Kondo) guiding him on his road.

Kondo, a young man from Tokyo without experience in relationships and sociability, must learn how to communicate and interact without words and in a completely different context, southern Chile. There he will live deep changes that will give him the strength to face a last challenge, cross the ocean in a boat to deal with his past in Japan.


Language: Japanese

Length: 8:18

Country: Chile