Hand of Death, A short film by Marc Nadal

Uploaded on Monday 18 March 2013


Web of the short film: http://www.marcnadal.com/hand-of-death-short-film

"Hand of Death" a short film in 16mm.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Director of photography: Francesco Tavolaro.
Cast: Núria Molina, Jasp Sanpere and Javier Juega.
Year: 2011. Drama.

Synopsis: Anton escapes from the Death to search the reason of his death, his dead wife Collette appears before him with pieces of his memories, memories that lead to his murderer.

Premiered at the Verdi Cinema Barcelona in June 2012, becoming a finalist for Best Actress: Núria Molina in Godarín prizes.


Language: Spanish

Length: 5:58

Country: Spain

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