Harry Connick Jr. Talks About “Dolphin Tale” and Filipino Food, Yum!

Uploaded on Thursday 22 September 2011


I love Harry Connick Jr.! He’s sweet, charming, and he remembered me from my first time meeting him for the movie “New in Town.” In “Dolphin Tale,” the actor plays Dr. Clay Haskett, the inspiring man who runs the Clearwater Marine Hospital.

It’s always a pleasure talking to this multi-faceted gentleman! In this interview, we talked about:

The incredible bond between humans and animals
Meeting Winter for the first time
What attracted him to his character?
The film’s “too good to be true” if it’s not based on real-life
Working on the set
His real-life counterpart, David Yates
Shifting gears, the actor and I decided to talk about Filipino Food! Yum! Balot, dinuguan, and many more!



Language: English

Length: 3:00

Country: United States