Uploaded on Monday 17 March 2014


HELL is a series of short experimental vignettes, interpreting the nine circles of sin from Dante’s “Inferno”, with nine different women. Guided by the Lady Dis (the emotional embodiment of Hell), nine women experience treachery, fraud, violence, heresy, anger, greed, gluttony, and lust, leaving us to wander a midst the crowded streets of Limbo. They do not speak to the extremes often seen on TV and in films today, but rather - the subtle, every day mistakes, reactions, willingness, and blindness to actions deemed as "sin". The audience is asked to interpret as they will, and bring their own experiences to the stories presented.

A major collaborative undertaking, HELL was shot in six different cities all over the world from London to New York, Santa Fe to Sao Paulo. Each vignette has a unique cinematic style – from the classic horror film to Neo-Italian realism.

Written & directed by Lisa Stock.


Language: English

Length: 20:25

Country: United States