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No one can deny the importance that the Internet has played in discovering young talent. Just ask Justin Bieber. So we were especially interested when we heard about Sabrina Carpenter, a 12-year-old singer, whose web videos caught the eye of the Walt Disney Studios and Hunan TV. We took our cameras down to meet the little celebrity-hopeful and discovered that singing is just the tip of the iceberg of this talented kid.Sabrina SOT

"I think I'm popular in China because not too long ago back I did a cover of a song called 'You Raise me Up' and a fan that I didn't even know about - he posted my video on Youku and apparently while I didn't know this was going on it was gaining a lot of views and the fan actually messaged me and said you're very popular and Youku your Raise Me Up video has over a million views and we saw it and we were just like wow, we didn't even know it was here.”


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