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Hisashi mitsui is the shooting guard of shohoku team. Hisashi mitsui is a 3rd year the height 184cm and the number of jersey is 14. Hisashi mitsui he was an MVP in his final year at takeishi junior high. Hishasi mitsui choose to go to shohoku team because to coach anzai. Coach anzai had given him the courage to win in the final junior high tournament. That’s why mitsui become MVP in junior high. However, went he join to the shohoku team in first year. He have a injury his left knee in a training session in his first year that’s why he interrupted his basketball career. After a year he heal his knee. But his exclusion from court and quit basketball and to become leader of gang. Mitsui want to destroy the shohoku basketball team. They go all member of gang to go to basketball court of shohoku team. Mitsui attempted to ruin the basketball team by instigating them into fighting with his gang. As the team would have been banned from competition for fighting. In the end, sakuragi own gang. They voluntary take the blame for the fight. Mitsui was filled with remorse when he saw coach anzai again. He rejoined the team and vowed never fight again to all player all any trouble outside or inside of school. Mitsui regretful for quitting basketball for 2 years, he has returned with a renewed determination of conquering the nation he once dreamed of. The weakness of mitsui is his lack of stamina due to his long break from playing basketball thus, in the later halves of games, he has not always reliable as he was before. mitsui he was completely work out in the game he also practice regularly to get his stamina and shooting. Mitsui is the best known on the team as a 3-point shooting. Though his skills extend to other areas. Mitsui is very great 3-point shooting specially if there team is in trouble. He is also nice to defend. Mitsui is a good player of shohoku team. Thanks have a nice day.


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