How they effects on our Health | Sugarcane vs Soda

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 May 2017


Hi, fellows!
I am Jazib Ali,
The video is a comparing of Good and Bad effects of Sugarcane and Soda on our health respectively.
Basically, The video is a consist of images, text, and graphics. I hope you will like it and will learn astonishing facts about Soda Drinks.
We all should use the Juice of Sugarcane to protect ourselves from Heat Stroke in Summer.
The Video is totally about to tell you the benefits of the use of Sugarcane and the bad effects of Soda on our health.
The synopsis of the video is just in a line.
"The Sugarcane can help us to improve our health and the extreme uses of Soda Drinks can lead us to unhealthy".
Images are edited in Photoshop.
Background sound is BRIGHTLY - THE BOY AND SISTER ALMA by Boy And Alma (


Language: English

Country: Pakistan