How to be your ideal woman

Uploaded on Sunday 15 June 2014


Video of our alive gig on TV + pictures of mine.

Dream Made Project's song
Lyrics, vocal, production by me (Maria Sherr).

How to be your ideal woman

I’ll be your mama
To take care of you.
I can defend you
when your eyes are blue.

I’ll be your nurse
In case you’re tired of you.
I’ll be your muse
when you’re in search for a clue.

I will approve
The every thing you do.
I’ll be appeasable
Not to bother you.

I can adore
the every glance of you.
I’ll my make your home
Cozy and secure.

I’ll be your eyes
To see the world like you.
I’ll lose myself
To be the part of you.

But I’m afraid
To get all fears of you.
Just to exist
Not taking risk.
To be so calm,
To smile like a clown,
Than get the gun
and shoot you down.


Language: English

Country: Ukraine

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