Inside the Querlo; What is Querlo? | How to Use it? | What are the benifits of Querlo? | The HSBC & Querlo.

Uploaded on Tuesday 4 April 2017


The Video is totally about the Querlo, and just made for the latest contest announced by the Sir Micky in his blog_post entitled
"Participate in the video making a contest for Querlo and earn Buzz Bonus rewards!"
{Here is the link of blog (
Have you ever experienced the time when you want to do something, but you really not get any idea, where to start it? I have the same condition right now, but then I thought, I should again read sir micky's blog and yes I get an idea, I just open the and start making the tutorial screenshots, you can see all the images and video clips in this video tutorial about Querlo. So guys why are you waiting for? Watch the complete video and give your useful suggestions in the comment box under below.
Regards: Jazib Ali (jazib-ali)

Screenshots of querlo taken from
video clip of Querlo Chatbot recorded from sir micky's blog_post (
The Background Music is TREES TO STONE Song - by Fremont
The Song's link is (
(Credit of the Background music is: All What You Need ( Via YouTube (
The video is editing by me,
I hope it will entertain you.


Language: English

Country: Pakistan