Installing Wacom Intuos Comic Software Bundles

Uploaded on Thursday 15 December 2016


Good day! Welcome to the third and last part of my Wacom videos and today we are installing the software bundles.

The 4 Wacom Intuos tablets comes in different software bundles, and for my Intuos Comic, it comes with two softwares: Anime Studio Debut and Clip Studio Pro.

Anime Studio Debut specializes in making animations while Clip Studio Pro helps you make your own comics or manga and character designs such as those in the anime. I need not to explain why I chose this type of Intuos over others. My eyes sparkled upon knowing the softwares that comes with Intuos Comic. Haha!

You can download the free softwares upon registering(if you are a new user) on the link provided inside your product’s box. And to download these softwares, you need a good and stable internet connection because you are only given 5 attempts to download each or else it will be locked. Apart from it, Clip Studio is a nice drawing software. I still haven’t used Anime Studio but I think it’s a very nice animation tool.

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