#InTheLab w Nicholas D'Agosto ("Masters of Sex")

Uploaded on Saturday 28 September 2013


Actor Nicholas D'Agosto (@nicholasdagosto) talks to Arthur Kade #InTheLab about his new Showtime show "Masters of Sex" from the show's pop-up gallery at the Bowery's Openhouse Gallery. He talks about what it was like playing character, Ethan Haas and how he can relate to him. The show also starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, follows the doctors who, in the 1950s, studied the science of sexuality leading to the sexual revolution. D'Agosto also talks about his excitement being part of the show. Watch "Masters of Sex" on Showtime at 10pm EST starting September 29.


Language: English

Length: 13:36

Country: United States

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