IvyMaria proudly presents: The Bold and the Bitlanders - 2nd episode

Uploaded on Sunday 24 April 2016


I was stunned and honoured by all your enthusiasm and positive responds about the first episode of THE BOLD AND THE BITLANDERS. Therefore I am proudly to present you the second episode.

Strange things are happening in Bitlandia. It seems like everybody has some interest to own the Grimoire (The book you can find in the Bitfashionstore for 100 gems.. By the way... I named the book the Bitand- Cronicles in the first episode but offcourse it is named the Grimoire in store).

Watch & Enjoy the Show! It won't be the last one!!

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I made this video with several apps: among other things VivaVideo, Framy and PhotoFunia


Language: English

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