Jason Statham and Izabela Vidovic Talk About “Homefront”

Uploaded on Tuesday 26 November 2013


Jason Statham was in high spirits when I talked to him about his new movie “Homefront.” I think it was because of the fun energy his co-star brought into the room. Izabela Vidovic was a sweetheart on-screen and off. She plays Statham’s daughter in “Homefront.” Make that an ass-kicking, bully-beating daughter!

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Their lovable chemistry as father and daughter
*** How they got interested in making the movie
*** The audition process
*** His acting muscles in “Homefront”
*** To Izabela – how was it working with Jason?
*** Jason’s “Homefront” character
*** It’s nice to see Jason’s smile again in the movie!
*** Izabela’s character as the catalyst of the movie
*** It’s a Western masquerading as an action-thriller


Language: English

Length: 3:37

Country: United States