Jean's Calligraphy on Cam

Uploaded on Tuesday 21 March 2017


For the past months, my love for lettering, calligraphy and anything written and made by my hand has come back to life. Thanks to my husband who has been very supportive in this love of art. He had pushed me to buy new stuffs and never really complained in my spending as long as it is in line with the hobby I am embracing.

It has been like two or three months that I have started this everyday calligraphy or lettering stuff. This is a challenge that I have given myself where I will be writing quotes or sayings that I have earned while reading my morning devotionals.

Everyday, I am striving to wake up early, do my daily exercise routines for thirty minutes then afterwards will be reading my devotions which as well helps me cool down then meditate as well.

After that, once my hands are all relaxed and that I have my body dried out of sweat, I start my calligraphy challenge. But lately, I then thought I should record it, two of my college close friends had also asked me to do so. I was glad that the first attempt turned out great although I am not really that good with lettering, I am still learning, I was quite satisfied with the results of the video.

The timelapse by the way was filmed with my GoPro Hero 4 SE. Then it was edited via Adobe Premiere which took awhile to export to media.

I am hopeful that upon doing this, I will be able to encourage other to learn the art of calligraphy or lettering. It is one great hobby to start and embrace with.

Enjoy the video!

Jean Beltran-Figues
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