Jesse Eisenberg Reveals Secrets of “Now You See Me”

Uploaded on Thursday 16 May 2013


Jesse Eisenberg reteams with his “Zombieland” cohort, Woody Harrelson, for the brilliantly unpredictable movie, “Now You See Me,” opening in theaters May 31st. Eisenberg stars as Michael Atlas, a guy who’s so good in card tricks that he gets invited to join The Four Horsemen alongside Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco. Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine co-star in this Louis Leterrier-directed crime-thriller.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** What got him interested in making “Now You See Me”
*** The movie’s thesis – “the closer you look, the less you see”
*** How did he prepare for his character?
*** What tricks did he learn?
*** His playwriting skills in the stage play “Asuncion”
*** What’s his interest in writing stage plays?
*** Working with Woody Harrelson again
*** If he can have one magic trick what will it be?


Language: English

Length: 3:39

Country: United States