Joker - Official Trailer

Uploaded on Sunday 4 July 2010


Official Trailer for Elliot Osrin's "Joker".

Jonny Frost (Joe Barrios), a low level thug is sent to Arkham Asylum to pick up the Joker (Sean Haas). Frost becomes part of the Joker's gang along with Harley Quinn (Vigi Cutler) and assists him in trying to regain his former status as the high profile gang figure within Gotham City, clashing with figures such as Harvey Dent (Nicholas Mandri), Joker's crooked accountant Simms (JJ Arzillo), and even The Dark Knight himself. Joker is an incredibly human story: depicting the gritty crime infested city of Gotham, and the highs and lows of man's journey to regain his trust in society.


Language: English

Length: :56

Country: United States

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