Jumping to the music - Music Video

Uploaded on Sunday 14 April 2013


Music video I produced, directed in my last year of college. The task was to find a local band/music act and then create a music video for them. I chose a band called Living Mystery, and they had there own songs which made it easier to getting permission. This band is in to all kinds of music, pop, Rock, Hip-hop and have a wide variety of songs. My initial idea was to do the video all in one shot and have the band members in different positions along a road. But because of time and location, I ended up filming in a refurbished room and cut several shots together.

There is also an interview and a promo video that will be uploaded shortly. I am hoping to do another music video shorty but more creative. Instead of the normal video. Living mystery are a local ban in Hinckley, but have recently changed there band members. I hope you enjoy it and please leave me feedback to how it could be improved in the future.


Language: English

Length: 3:43

Country: United Kingdom