Just Sex and Nothing Else

Uploaded on Monday 8 November 2010


Dora, a successful dramatist, has had one disastrous relationship after another and is through with men. She decides to have a child on her own and starts to look for an appropriate donor. Her best friend is an actress and has plenty of men problems of her own. She talks Dora into putting an ad in the paper. The plan is very simple: Dora chooses the suitable man, spends a night with him, does what needs to be done, then life goes on. But the candidates make her even more disillusioned so she is forced to change her clinical approach. A handsome actor joins the company for Dora's latest stage adaptation. She is not exactly impressed by what she sees at the beginning but as time goes by a very different feeling starts to blossom in their relationship. Is Dora going to stay with her original plan or accept her feelings and give men one more chance? The highest rated Hungarian film of 2006, which won a cluster of awards both at home and abroad.


Language: Hungarian

Length: 104

Country: Hungary