Kalanggaman Island Sand Bar

Uploaded on Saturday 13 May 2017


The Philippines has been blessed with thousands of islands and of which means thousands of beaches too! There are islands surrounded by clear blue sea waters and all you can do is be mesmerized by its beauty. Kalanggaman Island is not an exception. With its crystal sparkling beauty, you'll get amused as to how it got its bird-like form. Perhaps it was the waves who turned it into this but it is a blessing to the Leyte locals and to the Filipinos as well.

Last April, Gemango Team had gone to this beautiful island after weeks of preparation, a week of getting worried as it was raining in Cebu but then it was all good as the sun had shown up while we were on our way to the island.

Approaching the island was magical as we got to witness the wonderful water shades of the island's sand bar plus the white sand as well was inviting everyone of us to get in and hop, play with it and even walk bare naked!

Then the waters were cold so it was better to stay in the waters than in the island where it was scorching hot! But there were still shady parts because there were tropical trees growing in it which is also a mystery thinking that there's only a few land in there, mostly were made of sea sand.

That experience was remarkable considering that it was the entire team who came and totally enjoyed the island although there were challenges on our way, we still pushed it through and we conquered the island!

The overnight stay was all worth it. Kalanggaman Island is one new spot to be discovered and I truly advise everyone to visit it.

Hope this video had given justice to how beautiful the island is.

Jean Beltran-Figues
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