Keeping our airspace safe

Uploaded on Friday 31 August 2018


NATO cooperates with different partners all around the world to ensure its operations can run smoothly. Engaging with civil aviation is key in an increasingly busy airspace.

Therefore, NATO works together with organisations such as ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and EUROCONTROL for accommodation of military operations, planning of military exercises, day-to-day information-sharing, executing air policing activities, as well as working on projects to ensure safety of air traffic in different regions. One of the more notable civil-military initiatives by ICAO – the Baltic Sea Project Team – recently brought together NATO and Russia alongside other countries to cooperate in ensuring safety of air operations over the Baltic Sea.

Footage includes interviews with representatives from NATO, ICAO, EUROCONTROL, as well as shots of air policing, a NATO Aviation Committee meeting, and various civil and military aircraft.


Language: English

Country: Belgium