Kuroko no basket Ryota kise

Uploaded on Monday 14 September 2015


Ryota kise is one of generation of miracle. He is the small forward and the number of jersey is number 7.
he is well known for his copying abilities, as he copy any techniques he sees, often with more power than the original . he also work as a model. Ryota kise is 16 years old. the height is 5'7". the birthdays june 18th. the sogiac sign is gemini.

Ryota kise has a very carefree, outgoing,, and a flamboyant personality. He tries to be friends with everybody, including those who seem gloomy and distant. Ryota kise exclusively adds to the people who respects mostly the generation of miracles members. As carefree as he is off-court, he can be very determined and serious while playing. Because of the teaching of teiko junior high, kise is a one-man player who would prefer to score himself than playing as a team. While playing against aomine, he says that he just doesn't care about Kaijo winning, and that he just wants to defeat aomine himself.

However, he started to change when kuroko's team beat him as he tasred a loss for the first time.
he began to train more, he also witnessed his team-mates faith towards him during his match against too. moved by them. he succeeded about copying aomine. kise surprised everyone when in a counter attack and in a one on one against aomine, he tried to pass the ball to kasamatsu instead of trying to score himself. in the semi-finals of the winter cup, Kuroko correctly predicted that if kise was cornered, he'll pass the ball, which is not what the old kise would do.

Ryota kise deeply respects kuroko almost to the point of obsession. he always tries to point out how amazing kuroko is and thinks that they were the best of friend, and he was comically upset when kuroko said opposite. He even claimed to have cried every night after kuroko rejected his offer to play kaijo and once referred to this event as kurokocchi dumped me. A slight running gag with Kise is that whenever kasamatsu tries to talk about generation of miracles, Kise always brings up kuroko in to the conversation and ends up getting.

Ryota kise only watch the player and he get the original copy or get the skills of he want to copy. He is shown to be surprisingly perceptive, thought it may be because his specialty is watching and copying people. it was revealed in the replace novel that he could immediately. Ryota kise is a very great player he also copy the all player off generation of miracle. that's why they face again seirin team. kuroko and kagami is very hard to win of team ryota kise. because kise is very great copying of all member of generation of miracle.

He is shown to be surprisingly perceptive, though it may be because his specialty is watching and copying people. It was revealed in the -Replace- novel that he could immediately tell that Momoi liked Kuroko, though she, at the time, was unsure of her own feelings.


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