Lance, Bruce: Illusionist

Uploaded on Tuesday 11 June 2013


"Lance, Bruce: Illusionist... the Story of Bruce Lance the Illusionist" follows the astonishing rise to fame of a rogue magician whose edgy and shocking approach has revitalized magic's waning popularity, while raising the ire of the traditional magic community.

A filmmaker follows Bruce for several weeks, capturing footage of several 'event appearances' including an inappropriate set at a kid's birthday party, his defiling of a bride at an Irish wedding, and his 'misunderstood' performance at an Armenian banquet.

The director also takes us to the home of 'The Amazing Gweniveve,' Bruce's former assistant who longs for a reunion with her former master, despite the loss of a limb during their last performance.

Is he a genius, or an amphetamine-dependent waste? Behold, the enchanting, dismal world of Bruce Lance.


Language: English

Length: 8:00

Country: United States

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Lance, Bruce: Illusionist by Justin Viar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 3.0 License.