Laser Printers

Uploaded on Monday 21 February 2011


Remember daisy wheel printers? Dot matrix printers? Ribbon printers? They largely disappeared when the early laser printers were introduced. The first laser printers sold for more than $100,000. So it was big news when Canon came out in 1979 with a laser printer for $10,000. The first Apple laserwriter sold for $6,798 in 1987. This show looks at several early printer options including the Apple LaserWriter Plus, the Hewlett Packard LaserJet II, and the Okidata LaserLine 6. Also featured is a demonstration of one of the first desktop publishing programs to take advantage of laser printers, Ready Set Go 4.0 from Letraset. Guests include Jim Gable of Apple and John Dickinson of PC Labs. Originally broadcast in 1987.


Language: English

Length: 30min

Country: United States

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