Left of the Border Films collaboration Four

Uploaded on Wednesday 30 October 2013


Left of the Border Films Collaboration Four has found me working with The Wyrding Module (Christopher Gladwin, he of Team Doyobi - http://www.teamdoyobi.com/) in what I feel is an amazingly textured piece. Collaboration Four has a multi-layered quality to it that has only been fully realised by the sound design of The Wyrding Module. Scrambled frequencies give way to layered audio, which reacts in perfect sync to the visuals to create an at once hectic but singular soundscape. This sound design is at once vast and intimate, echoing and reflecting the visual sense of a projection spread over a vast area, bouncing from surface to surface, reverberating and lingering. In a reflective way, Left of the Border Films Collaboration Four reminds me of an early conversation I had with Chris during Futuresonic 2007 where I asked him to define his musical style. Although my memory is hazy, I recall Chris describing butterflies fighting to escape a locked in and enclosed space, constantly fluttering and creating changes of rhythm in an attempt to break out and become something different. When watching Collaboration Four, I cannot help but be reminded of that conversation. You can find out more about The Wyrding Module at http://wyrdingmodule.psybertron.co.uk/. You can also find out more about Chris Gladwin in this interview by Robert Lamb where he discusses his Wyrding Module work in great detail at http://www.stufftoblowyourmind.com/blog/chris-gladwin-talks-uncanny-music-wyrding-module/. I hope you enjoy Left of the Border Films Collaboration Four when you watch it.

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Language: English

Length: 4:27

Country: United Kingdom