Love and Debate

Uploaded on Thursday 3 September 2009


Jordan Landa is not your average Latin girl. She has dreams - big ones. As a rising star in the debate world her elusive dreams seem finally within her grasp. But when the "perfect guy" from her past reappears, so do her desires for a life she thought she didn't want.

With beautiful Miami as a backdrop, a cutting-edge soundtrack, and a hot sexy young cast, it is the perfect setting for a girl to choose between LOVE AND DEBATE.

An All-Star cast includes, GINA PHILIPS (Jeepers Creepers 1 & 3), SEAN ASTIN (Rudy, The Lord of the Ring Trilogy), ADAM RODRIGUEZ (CSI: Miami, Tyler Perry's upcoming, I Can Do Bad All By Myself), RACHEL MINER (Californication, The Black Dahlia), BRYAN GREENBERG (One Tree Hill, Bride Wars) and SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY (Heroes).


Language: English

Length: 95

Country: United States