Love Your Parents | A video Gift to Mom on Mother's Day

Uploaded on Friday 26 May 2017


I made this video for my mom.
Basically, in this video, i have shared a conversation between the Pencil & Eraser.

The conversation is so heart touching. The purpose of sharing this convo is to realize all of us that what are our parents for us.
What is the value of parents in children's lives?

It is true, as a pencil is nothing without an eraser, the children also nothing without their parents.

When I was making this video I was actually started crying and run toward my mom and hug her.
Unfortunately, my father has been dead. So, I can't hug him, but if you have both, then please care, love and respect them.
They will never come back if they walk away. :'(

The synopsis of the video is very simple, "Please love, care and respect your parents".

Remember me and my parents in your prayers. "God Bless you all and your parents"

Regards: Jazib Ali

Writer: Jazib Ali
Editor: Jazib Ali
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Thanks for Watching;
I hope this time bitlanders team will like it too. Thanks
Your comments will appreciate my ideas and encourage me.

Jazib Ali


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