"Men in Black III" Movie Review

Uploaded on Thursday 24 May 2012


“Men in Black” takes a cue from “Back to the Future” for the franchise’s third installment. This one’s a time-traveling romp and I’m happy to report that it’s a journey worth taking.

“Men in Black III” was plagued with production problems namely script rewrites and reshoots. I had no faith for the threequel but to my amazement, my doubts were erased just like how the movie’s neuralyzer would.

The villain of the film is Boris the Animal played by Jemaine Clement (“The Flight of the Conchords,” “Dinner for Schmucks”). He’s the last of the Boglodites out for revenge. Clement fully embodies the character and gives our heroes a bad guy worth fighting against.


Language: English

Length: 2:00

Country: United States