Morgan Freeman Interview for "Born to Be Wild 3D"

Uploaded on Thursday 14 April 2011


I love "Born to Be Wild 3D," a thoughtful, insightful, and entertaining documentary from director David Lickley, and writer/producer Drew Fellman.

The film, currently playing at IMAX near you, just received the Critics' Choice Seal of Approval. It's that good!

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First stop, Morgan Freeman. Meeting the actor was a blessing! He is a great actor and an equally great human being. His fantastic narration anchors “Born to Be Wild 3D” and his storytelling voice pulls us right into the narrative.

In this interview, Mr. Freeman calls me the happiest person on earth 

We also talked about:

His interest in working in “Born to Be Wild 3D”
The narrative constructs of the film, and was he instructed in finding the right storytelling rhythm?
Helping the helpless animals


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States