Motel Americana: Vol.II - Trailer

Uploaded on Friday 29 January 2010


Motel Americana - Trailer for the feature film from Christiana Productions and WJB Visual Arts. Shorts in the volume include The Fetish, Always Leave a Pretty Corpse, The Double, The Knee, Make-Up a love story and The Knee. The music in the trailer is from Laurent Rochelle of Linoleum Productions. A synopsis of sorts goes something like this:

The American Dream has been beaten and kicked long enough. He quits his job, fires his attorney, and leaves a wife who wont notice hes gone until she has no one to dance with when the ball drops on New Year's. With a case of Ancient Age and a trunkload of cigarettes, he checks into a motel to write a memoir about the rise and fall of an elegant, though deeply flawed idea—his dirty life and times. All of them. He begins, I am going to turn this prince back into a frog and croak frog songs into the gravel pit of midnight. Ah, New Jersey, you son-of-a-bitchen crotch puncher, Im here. Meet me by the flag pole after school. Hence this bloodstream of anonymous drifters and wishers. Strivers. Near Missers. On paper, they sound like every other character who ends up in a motel story. Theres the man paying his debts the hard way and the man avoiding debts. Theres the woman on the run and the woman who treats her body like a garage sale. Theres the immigrant who hears the land making promises and the upstanding citizen at war with his unpretty instincts. And of course there are plans that double as schemes and bad ideas. And killing. Lots of killing. But remember one thing about these ordinary driftings . . . a frog who used to be a prince is singing about them . . . and he knows no one is listening . . . and hes brushing his teeth with whiskey . . . which leads to a certain boldness, for which you will have to forgive him. After all, he used to be a prince. We were going to call this The Frogs Opera, but we promised our backers not to get too fancy. Motel Detritus felt a little cruel. We settled on Motel Americana after we lost a better title in a card game. Secretly we loved it.


Language: English

Length: 2 min (feature is 105min)

Country: United States