Mount Tapyas View and Sunset

Uploaded on Saturday 27 May 2017


It has been evident that my husband and I both love sunset and sunrise views which is why we have set up climbing up Mount Tapyas on our first day in Coron. It is one of the best spots for a sunset or sunrise view.

Now since it is situated on top of a mountain, we have to climb the stairs specifically 721 steps to be exact. So from four in the afternoon, we started walking but we stopped at some point if needed because it is a bit tiring if we won't take a few minutes rest.

Indeed the view is amazing and it was revealing to us as we climb to the top. We have to stop not just to rest but to also take photos of the awesome view. I guess it took us more time to take photos than to rest. Well, we were also resting while taking those shots so it is the same.

Upon reaching at the top, we got the chance to set up our cameras before sitting and just watch the sun go down. It was an amazing view and it was a lovely thing to be captured on the camera lens.

But the main challenge was not actually climbing the mountain but instead going down. The energy I had exerted on the way down was like 100% more than climbing up, My knees were really wobbling as we start going down and note we still have 721 steps down too.

But anyway, it was a great experience and the video here shows how beautiful that was. Enjoy the film!

Best Regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


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Country: Philippines

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