My Fun Adventures at the REAL STEEL World Premiere

Uploaded on Friday 7 October 2011


I had a great time attending the world premiere of “Real Steel” last Sunday at Universal Studios in Hollywood. It helped that I enjoyed the film so I didn’t have to play pretend that “Real Steel” was fun, because it was! So without further adieu, take a look at fun adventure at the red carpet for “Real Steel.”

(In order of appearance):

*** Atticus Shaffer who plays Brick on ABC’s “The Middle” – he did the robot dance for me!

*** Danny Elfman (Composer) – I told him that his score for “Real Steel” was very un-Elfmanish

*** Dakota Goyo (Max) – I love this kid! He’s an amazing actor and a smart guy! And I love that he taught me his dance routine from the movie. Fun!

*** John Gatins (Scriptwriter) – Not only did he write the script for “Real Steel,” he also starred in the movie. If you’ve seen the film, you know he’s the guy with the Tomahawk haircut! I asked him what’s been bugging me about the movie – if we invented robots for fighting, how come we didn’t invent robots for more practical purposes like cleaning, cooking, fixing other robots maybe?

*** Sugar Ray Leonard – the boxing legend worked as a fight consultant in the movie, and I was only allowed one question, so I asked him his thoughts on the other soon-to-be-legend, my fellow Filipino, Manny Pacquaio!

*** Olga Fonda (Farra Lemkova) – She’s hot! And she romanced me in Russian!

*** Shawn Levy (Director) – This guy has a lot of fighting spirit and zest! And we bonded!

*** Hugh Jackman (Charlie) – I love him too! He’s always been a sweetheart! And he danced the robot for me!

*** Anthony Mackie (Finn) – You may know him from “The Hurt Locker,” but this fall, he channels Don King in “Real Steel” as a tough-as-nails-with-a-heart boxing promoter!

*** Evangeline Lilly (Bailey) – By this time, she was one of the last celebrities to walk into the theater for the premiere so all of us had to ask her all at once! But she’s divine…and lovely!



Language: English

Length: 8:00

Country: United States