My Fun Interview with Isaac Hempstead Wright (Eggs) at Laika for “The Boxtrolls”

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 September 2014


Back in July, I was invited to visit Laika in Portland, OR for “The Boxtrolls!” And let me tell ya, I’ve visited most animation studios but none can compare to the wonders of Laika! I mean, they have carpenters! They make physical things! Not just digital computers and a click of the mouse! So that was a great opportunity that I will cherish forever! But I will also cherish meeting Laika’s main guy, head animator and CEO, Travis Knight, and Isaac Hempstead Wright, the “Game of Thrones” actor who voices Eggs in “The Boxtrolls.” He is such a great and wise young gentleman and I had a fun interview with the actor. Take a look!


Language: English

Country: United States