Nissan ICC Champions trophy tour at the University of Karachi

Uploaded on Wednesday 12 April 2017


The ICC Champions Trophy is going to be start from June, 2017 in which top eight teams of the One Day International's will participate. To promote this event and to create a hysteria of this event, the International Cricket Council send the trophy to those 8 cricketing countries which are participating in this event. This event has named the "NISSAN ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHY TOUR". As Pakistan is also participating in this event, so like other countries, the trophy has also visited Pakistan, coming from the Bangladesh, India and others etc.
The ICC Champions Trophy had visited Karachi, Pakistan on 30th March, 2017. This trophy tour began from the Hawke's Bay, Karachi (Sea Side Area) where the former cricketers of Pakistan Younis Khan and Shahid Afridi were present who unveiled the trophy. Then this trophy reached to its next destination, which was the EDHI home a charitable N.G.O where the trophy was unveiled by Shahid Afridi as well.
Then the trophy moved on and visited my university, the University of Karachi, for which this video is all about. The NISSAN ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHY CEREMONY held at the Arts Auditorium of Karachi University at around 2:30 pm whose chief guest was the current test cricketer legend of Pakistan Mr. Younis Khan. As he entered in the auditorium, the crowd goes wild as seen in the video and started to chant "Younis, Younis...". He had unveiled the ICC Champions Trophy and also conduct a small press conference where he answered the questions of media men's and journalists.
After all, in the end I remain so lucky because I got the chance to take a selfie with Younis Khan which I've also shown in this video.
So watch this video and enjoy!
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