Uploaded on Tuesday 9 November 2010


A fairytale thriller that turns the town upside-down and looks at life's lurid underbelly. An urban legend about a young chancer, a beautiful girl and a rotten deal... Believe it or not, it's a real-life story about a life that gets frighteningly real. Undeniably European, it avoids being horribly Hungarian guns, girls and the ghetto are, after all, a global phenomenon. The story opens with a trough ride on the inside and a loveable lad back out on the street. He's just done eighteen months in prison for drugs and plans to leave his past behind and make his fortune on a cruise liner, pursuing his previous profession as a cocktail mixer. Soon back in an old haunt familiar faces and old habits and Theo is "home". The lover he left behind is entertaining the crowd while his old mates force drink down his neck and drugs up his nose. Having missed him madly, the artiste of the evening rushes off the stage and into his arms. She was the one who kept him warm at night appearing as the star of his x-rated dreams... the whole thing is a lost paradise... Based on the author's very individual experience, this film carries an equally clear anti-drug message.


Language: Hungarian

Length: 100

Country: Hungary